Stonesthrow's Air Assault  112 PTS, PZ 1
Stonesthrow's American Dream  112 PTS, PZ 1
Stonesthrow's Athena  112 PTS, PZ 1
Stonesthrow's Becca 112 PTS, PZ 1
Stonesthrow's Bouncing Betty 112 PTS, PZ 1, UT
192 PZ III
Stonesthrow's Callie  112 PTS, PZ 1
Stonesthrow's Cinder   112 PTS, PZ 1
Stonesthrow's Contessa   112 PTS, PZ 1
Stonesthrow's Commander N Chief 110 PTS PZ 1
Stonesthrow's Crazy Lucielle 93 PTS, PZ III
Stonesthrow's Delta Dawn 107 PTS. PZ II
Stonesthrow's Delta Double "D"s 110 PTS, PZ 1
Stonesthrow's Echoes of Erebus 110PTS PZ 1
Stonesthrow's Echoes of Ember 112 PTS Pz 1
Stonesthrow's Echoes of Elviria 112PTS Pz 1
Stonesthrow's Echoes Team Leader 105PTS Pz 1

While you may find kennels larger than Stonesthrow, the
care we put into each breeding and litter is unsurpassed.

All Stonesthrow dogs/puppies are sold with breeding
restrictions. Restrictions may be lifted only after the dog
qualifies under NAPPA guidlines.

Stonesthrow is a NAVHDA registered kennel. We use
NAVHDA test scores to evaluate the performance of our
brood stock.

Why NAVHDA? Simple, the NAVHDA test system uses three
independent judges that must agree on the dogs
performance and score during the test. This removes any
breeder bias when evaluating the dog.

We believe so deeply in NAVHDA testing that all pups are
offered with a $100.00 test rebate. (offered not required)

Contact us for more details.

Call Larry at  541-280-5602
summer 2011 litter

The growth in popularity of the pudelpointer in the Pacific
Northwest has seen an increase in breeders claiming to
meet high breeding standards while in fact they use only
minimal achieving stock. Natural Ability testing is the start
of a dogs evaluation to determine if it carries sufficient
potential to be used for breeding. When you search for a
kennel to select your hunting companion of the next 12 to
15 years, ask about utility testing and kennel achievements.
Proven field performance on wild birds is a must, don't
accept less.